Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cat eye necklace, Red Cat eye Beaded Pendant resin eye black and red beaded necklace



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Thi beadwork pendants wearable versi beadwork pendanton of one of my Hexcats i beadwork pendants 2.5 i beadwork pendantnches or 6.35 cm i beadwork pendantn di beadwork pendantameter.The eye i beadwork pendants handcast resi beadwork pendantn. Spi beadwork pendantder wi beadwork pendantre was used to sew the glass seed bead ruff to the base. Hand qui beadwork pendantlti beadwork pendantng thread was used to secure the velour over the padded base and add the ears.The pendant hangs from a 20 i beadwork pendantnch or 50.80cm rawhi beadwork pendantde cord. You can use the wooden bead on the cord to adjust the length of the necklace.If you do not care for the leather cord, I can use ei beadwork pendantther the rayon cord or a metal chai beadwork pendantn li beadwork pendantke the opti beadwork pendantons shown i beadwork pendantn the last pi beadwork pendantcture.If you choose the chai beadwork pendantn, i beadwork pendantt wi beadwork pendantll have a lobster claw clasp. Please let me know what length chai beadwork pendantn you want i beadwork pendantf you order thi beadwork pendants opti beadwork pendanton.If you have any questi beadwork pendantons or would li beadwork pendantke a custom pi beadwork pendantece, please feel free to contact us.We shi beadwork pendantp i beadwork pendantnternati beadwork pendantonally. Our shi beadwork pendantppi beadwork pendantng fees i beadwork pendantnclude packagi beadwork pendantng, pri beadwork pendantori beadwork pendantty mai beadwork pendantl postage, and deli beadwork pendantvery confi beadwork pendantrmati beadwork pendanton. If you want a cheaper shi beadwork pendantppi beadwork pendantng opti beadwork pendanton li beadwork pendantke parcel post, please contact me. Any overages i beadwork pendantn shi beadwork pendantppi beadwork pendantng fees over a $1.00 wi beadwork pendantll be refunded.

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