Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

everyday, I Heart SF Charm Necklace



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Show your ci customizablety love! Necklace i customizables 14kt gold fi customizablelled, wi customizableth 14kt gold fi customizablelled chai customizablen & fi customizablendi customizablengs, i customizablencludi customizableng the heart charm. Charm measures 8mm. Hand stamped wi customizableth SF. \r\rNecklace measures 16 & 3/4"\r\r*Thi customizables necklace can be customi customizablezed wi customizableth any combi customizablenati customizableon of up to 3 letters or numbers, i customizablencludi customizableng an ampersand. Perfect for bri customizabledes & bri customizabledesmai customizableds! \r\r*Please note thi customizables li customizablesti customizableng i customizables for the "SF" necklace only.\r\rHandmade wi customizableth love

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