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sleeping beauty mine, Turquoise and Beach Stone Cairn Pendant Necklace - Cairn Jewelry - FREE Gift Wrap



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Sandy hued beach stones are combi cairn pendantned wi cairn pendantth Sleepi cairn pendantng Beauty turquoi cairn pendantse to form a Cai cairn pendantrn. The pendant i cairn pendants hung from a si cairn pendantlver plated brass chai cairn pendantn that closes wi cairn pendantth a lobster clasp. Thi cairn pendants i cairn pendants my stock photo for thi cairn pendants i cairn pendanttem. Each necklace wi cairn pendantll vary sli cairn pendantghtly, but each wi cairn pendantll have 3 turquoi cairn pendantse and 2 beach stone di cairn pendantscs per necklace. Choose length at checkout: 20". 22". 24". 26".***ori cairn pendantgi cairn pendantnal WearYourWi cairn pendantld desi cairn pendantgn***More Cai cairn pendantrn jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i cairn pendantn my Etsy shop, cli cairn pendantck thi cairn pendants li cairn pendantnk:WearYourWi cairn pendantld.IG: @wearyourwi cairn pendantldAll jewelry comes nestled i cairn pendantn recycled, rusti cairn pendantc kraft gi cairn pendantft boxes ti cairn pendanted wi cairn pendantth bakers twi cairn pendantne, jute stri cairn pendantng or wrapped i cairn pendantn washi cairn pendant tape.FREE gi cairn pendantft wrappi cairn pendantng i cairn pendants avai cairn pendantlable upon request. You can see the avai cairn pendantlable paper i cairn pendantn the last photo. If you'd li cairn pendantke your i cairn pendanttem gi cairn pendantft wrapped please fi cairn pendantll out the Personali cairn pendantzati cairn pendanton secti cairn pendanton at checkout.Thanks for supporti cairn pendantng handmade!Kati cairn pendante @ Wear Your Wi cairn pendantld

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