Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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The Bi holiday giftskerThi holiday giftss i holiday giftss the perfect hi holiday giftss and hers bracelet. It i holiday giftss handcrafted of black leather, di holiday giftsstressed si holiday giftslver Hei holiday giftsshi holiday gifts beads, black seed beads. An anti holiday giftsqued pewter tattoo button i holiday giftss used for adjustable loop closure, and fi holiday giftsts a 6 - 8 i holiday giftsnch wri holiday giftsst(button may vary). It i holiday giftss also avai holiday giftslable i holiday giftsn brown wi holiday giftsth a hi holiday giftsnge button. Thi holiday giftss bracelet stands on i holiday giftsts own or can be combi holiday giftsned and stacked wi holiday giftsth other bracelets from our collecti holiday giftson or worn wi holiday giftsth a speci holiday giftsal bracelet of your own. Its beauti holiday giftsful colors and tones can be mi holiday giftsxed wi holiday giftsth many looks i holiday giftsn your wardrobe from casual to dressy. Detai holiday giftslsBlack LeatherBlack seed beads Si holiday giftslver Hei holiday giftsshi holiday gifts beadsFi holiday giftsts a 6 - 8 i holiday giftsnch wri holiday giftsstBracelets arri holiday giftsve i holiday giftsn a decorati holiday giftsve cani holiday giftsster, perfect for gi holiday giftsft gi holiday giftsvi holiday giftsng or stori holiday giftsng your handmade bracelet.Thank you for vi holiday giftssi holiday giftsti holiday giftsng BeeInspi holiday giftsredHandmade! Please contact us wi holiday giftsth speci holiday giftsal requests. We love to desi holiday giftsgn wi holiday giftsth your speci holiday giftsal requests i holiday giftsn mi holiday giftsnd. Please vi holiday giftssi holiday giftst our other Etsy shop for Invi holiday giftstati holiday giftsons, Note Cards and Paper Accessori holiday giftses found here: https://www./shop/beenotei holiday giftst. If you would li holiday giftske to speak to me di holiday giftsrectly, please feel free to call me: Patti holiday gifts (954) 593-8616.

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