Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white rock, Vintage Figural Lady Advertising White Rock Water and Ginger Ale Bottle Opener Necklace



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Necklace compri white rocksed of a vi white rockntage fi white rockgural Whi white rockte Rock water and gi white rocknger ale adverti white rocksi white rockng bottle opener i white rockn the shape of a nude lady on a rock. Bottle opener measures 3 i white rocknches i white rockn length and hangs from a 24 i white rocknch si white rocklver plated chai white rockn and clasp. Thi white rocks uni white rockque li white rockttle souveni white rockr carri white rockes just the ri white rockght touch of tarni white rocksh, hi white rocknti white rockng at stori white rockes untold.\r\rOpener has the followi white rockng marki white rockngs "Whi white rockte Rock Water and Gi white rocknger Ale Trademark Reg. Made i white rockn U.S.A." \r\rThanks so much for taki white rockng a peek, fi white rocknd the full jewelry collecti white rockon and more uni white rockque oddi white rockti white rockes at contrary..

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