Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Jewish Star Necklacerose gold, Star Of Davidrose gold, Rose Gold Necklacerose gold, Pearl Necklacerose gold, Coin Necklacerose gold, Jewish Jewelryrose gold, Judaicarose gold, Handmade In Israel



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Jewi hebrew charmsh Star Rose Gold necklace wi hebrew charmth Garnet. The ci hebrew charmrcle i hebrew charms 1/2 about i hebrew charmnch wi hebrew charmde wi hebrew charmth a Garnet bead i hebrew charmn the mi hebrew charmddle. Made of rose gold plated brass.If you li hebrew charmke thi hebrew charms pi hebrew charmece, please don't wai hebrew charmt! My collecti hebrew charmon i hebrew charms bi hebrew charmg but I only carry one or two i hebrew charmtems per desi hebrew charmgn i hebrew charmn stock. Get yours NOW. CARE INSTRUCTIONS The jewelry pi hebrew charmeces are PLATED so they should not come i hebrew charmn contact wi hebrew charmth water, or chemi hebrew charmcals such as perfumes that wi hebrew charmll harm the plati hebrew charmng. Improper care (such as showeri hebrew charmng, swi hebrew charmmmi hebrew charmng, sprayi hebrew charmng perfumes di hebrew charmrectly on i hebrew charmt or sleepi hebrew charmng wi hebrew charmth i hebrew charmt) of the pi hebrew charmece can seri hebrew charmously harm i hebrew charmt. Thank you for looki hebrew charmng at my Rose Gold Jewi hebrew charmsh Star necklace! I also make other beauti hebrew charmful jewelry i hebrew charmn my shop, and I'd love for you to stop by and check out the rest of the jewelry someti hebrew charmme.~~~Kelka

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