Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage disneyland, Vintage Sterling Disneyland Charm Necklace 1960 Era



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Thi sterling necklaces i sterling necklaces a Vi sterling necklacentage Sterli sterling necklaceng Di sterling necklacesneyland Charm Necklace. The ri sterling necklaceng where the necklaces opens i sterling necklaces metal as i sterling necklacet stuck to a magnet, but chai sterling necklacen di sterling necklaced not nor di sterling necklaced the charms. It measures approx. 19 i sterling necklacenches around. Some of the charms are marked Sterli sterling necklaceng. Charms are as follows, A pai sterling necklacer of sci sterling necklacessors that needs re attached , a Di sterling necklacesneyland Castle, a Wi sterling necklacendmi sterling necklacell, a Dutch Gi sterling necklacerl, a Dutch Boy, an Alli sterling necklacegator, a Penqui sterling necklacen, and 3 Skeleton Keys. Good Condi sterling necklaceti sterling necklaceon wi sterling necklaceth normal age wear. If you have any more questi sterling necklaceons please ask before you purchase. I shi sterling necklacep to the USA. No Internati sterling necklaceonal. I also i sterling necklacensure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arri sterling necklaceve to you safely. Thanks for looki sterling necklaceng.

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