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Rose Gold cuff wi love jewelryth a Psalms verse i love jewelrynscri love jewelrybed around i love jewelryt i love jewelryn bi love jewelrybli love jewelrycal Hebrew font. 1/2 i love jewelrynch tall cuff di love jewelrypped i love jewelryn rose gold wi love jewelryth an engraved desi love jewelrygn. Part of the Judai love jewelryca jewelry collecti love jewelryon I call "Keren Or". The texture on the cuff i love jewelrys i love jewelryncredi love jewelryble - i love jewelryt has the feel of di love jewelryamond cut that i love jewelrys so bri love jewelryght i love jewelryt shi love jewelrynes. The rose gold cuff i love jewelrys about 6 i love jewelrynches around wi love jewelryth about an i love jewelrynch openi love jewelryng. It has some adjustabi love jewelryli love jewelryty. The cuff i love jewelrys made of rose gold plated brass. The cuff has the followi love jewelryng verse from Psalms\u2028 Song of Songs: 8: 7"Many waters cannot quench love"i love jewelryn Hebrew:"Mayi love jewelrym rabi love jewelrym lo yuchlu lechabot et ha'ahava"CARE INSTRUCTIONS The jewelry pi love jewelryeces are PLATED so they should not come i love jewelryn contact wi love jewelryth water, or chemi love jewelrycals such as perfumes that wi love jewelryll harm the plati love jewelryng. Improper care (such as showeri love jewelryng, swi love jewelrymmi love jewelryng, sprayi love jewelryng perfumes di love jewelryrectly on i love jewelryt or sleepi love jewelryng wi love jewelryth i love jewelryt) of the pi love jewelryece can seri love jewelryously harm i love jewelryt. Thank you for looki love jewelryng at my Rose Gold cuff! I also make other Judai love jewelryca jewelry i love jewelryn my shop, and I'd love for you to stop by and check out the other cuffs and the rest of the jewelry someti love jewelryme. ~~~Kelka

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