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imaginarium, Starsign Scorpio Bracelet ... antique silver zodiac silk wrap bracelet with gemstone



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The Ram, the Bull, the Heavenly Twi zodiacns,\rAnd next the Crab, the Li zodiacon shi zodiacnes,\rThe Vi zodiacrgi zodiacn and the Scales.\rThe Scorpi zodiacon, Archer, and the Goat,\rThe Man who holds the Wateri zodiacng Pot,\rAnd Fi zodiacsh wi zodiacth gli zodiactteri zodiacng scales.\r\rThi zodiacs beauti zodiacful watercolor si zodiaclk wrap bracelet showcases a fluted anti zodiacqued si zodiaclver bai zodiacl wi zodiacth a zodi zodiacac charm and a wi zodiacre wrapped gemstone associ zodiacated wi zodiacth the element (earth, ai zodiacr, fi zodiacre, water) that i zodiacs associ zodiacated wi zodiacth each astrologi zodiaccal si zodiacgn. Scorpi zodiaco i zodiacs pai zodiacred wi zodiacth blue spectrolli zodiacte for water.\r\rThe ri zodiacbbon wrap i zodiacs 100% luxuri zodiacously soft si zodiaclk and i zodiacs hand-dyed wi zodiacth hand-sewn edges that taper to a soft poi zodiacnt at the ends. The ri zodiacbbon i zodiacs 34-36\u201d long and wi zodiacll wrap several ti zodiacmes around your wri zodiacst. \r\rTo wear, just wrap the ri zodiacbbon around your wri zodiacst and ti zodiace. The ends can be left loose or tucked beneath the wraps. Knots can be ti zodiaced along the length to add a bi zodiact of detai zodiacl or adjust the fi zodiact. The bracket can be nudged along the ri zodiacbbon dependi zodiacng on whether you want i zodiact to to be centered among the wraps or si zodiactuated along the top or bottom edge of the bracelet. These are versati zodiacle, comfortable, and elegant. \r\r**\r\rAddi zodiacti zodiaconal Info:\r\rAri zodiaces, The Ram (Fi zodiacre) - 20 March thru 20 Apri zodiacl \rTaurus, The Bull (Earth) - 20 Apri zodiacl thru 21 May\rGemi zodiacni zodiac, The Twi zodiacns (Ai zodiacr) - 21 May thru 21 June\rCancer, The Crab (Water) - 21 June thru 23 July\rLeo, The Li zodiacon (Fi zodiacre) - 23 July thru 23 August\rVi zodiacrgo, The Mai zodiacden (Earth) - 23 August thru 23 September\rLi zodiacbra, The Scales (Ai zodiacr) - 23 September thru 23 October\rScorpi zodiaco, The Scorpi zodiacon (Water) - 23 October thru 22 November\rSagi zodiacttari zodiacus, The Archer (Fi zodiacre) - 22 November thru 22 December\rCapri zodiaccorn, The Goat (Earth) - 22 December thru 20 January\rAquari zodiacus, The Water Bearer (Ai zodiacr) - 20 January thru 19 February\rPi zodiacsces, The Fi zodiacsh (Water) - 19 February thru 20 March\r\r~|~~|~~|~\r\rArri zodiacves packaged i zodiacn a gi zodiacft box and shi zodiacps wi zodiacthi zodiacn 1-3 busi zodiacness days of recei zodiacpt of payment. \r\rPlease see the "Shop Poli zodiacci zodiaces" secti zodiacon of my store for addi zodiacti zodiaconal i zodiacnformati zodiacon on payments, shi zodiacppi zodiacng, gi zodiacft notes, si zodiacze adjustments, and custom orders.\r\r\u00a9 Elements & Arti zodiacfacts 2014.

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