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Rose Gold Long Leaf Earringsleaf jewelry, Handmade In Israelleaf jewelry, Gift Wrappedleaf jewelry, 4 Day Delivery In US



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Rose Gold leaf earri leavesngs cascadi leavesng down. These earri leavesngs are i leavesncredi leavesble, my mom wears them all the ti leavesme. Made from rosegold leaves, 1 3/4 i leavesnch long. Made from Rose gold plated brass leaves7 leaves are about 2 i leavesnches 9 leaves are about 2 1/2 i leavesnchesThank you for looki leavesng at my rose gold earri leavesngs! I also make other jewelry i leavesn my shop, and I'd love for you to stop by and check out the other earri leavesngs and the rest of the jewelry someti leavesme. ~~~Kelka

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