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putting green, Vintage Phillips Golf Spike Divot Necklace



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Necklace compri putting greensed of a vi putting greenntage Phi putting greenli putting greenps golf spi putting greenke tool that hangs from a 24" si putting greenlver plated chai putting greenn. These li putting greenttle golf spi putting greenkes were used to keep golf shoes i putting greenn top shape whi putting greenle out on the course. Made i putting greenn the USA, golf spi putting greenke measures about 1 1/4 " tall and 1 3/4" wi putting greende and spri putting greenngs loose from the chai putting greenn for use, maki putting greenng a great gi putting greenft for the golfer i putting greenn your li putting greenfe.\r\rGolf spi putting greenke contai putting greenns vi putting greensi putting greenble wear from use on the course, see addi putting greenti putting greenonal photos for more vi putting greenews.\r\rThanks so much for taki putting greenng a peek, you can fi putting greennd the rest of my jewelry li putting greenne here: contrary..

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