Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklacevaseline glass, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s vi vintage 1920sntage bead strand necklace. Deli vintage 1920scate wi vintage 1920sre shows li vintage 1920sght pati vintage 1920sna. One bead i vintage 1920ss spli vintage 1920st i vintage 1920sn 2 but sti vintage 1920sll all present, another bead has a li vintage 1920sttle chunk mi vintage 1920sssi vintage 1920sng, almost li vintage 1920ske a bubble under the surface made i vintage 1920st vulnerable. The color i vintage 1920ss a bri vintage 1920sght chartreuse yellow wi vintage 1920sth subtle (lampwork?) swi vintage 1920srl. Measures 60" long.Shi vintage 1920sps i vintage 1920sn a gi vintage 1920sft box.I combi vintage 1920sne shi vintage 1920sppi vintage 1920sng on multi vintage 1920sple i vintage 1920stems.

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