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sexy, J.B. | Onyx Point and Brass Wire Pendant Necklace



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NEW for 2018: Lower pri brassce! Was $38, now $34! The si brassmple desi brassgn of the J.B. adds a touch of class, whi brassle the onyx poi brassnt adds a hi brassnt of edge. A si brassngle stunni brassng onyx poi brassnt hangs from hand-shaped brass wi brassre, and the ensemble i brasss topped off wi brassth a black brass chai brassn. From the CITY LIGHTS collecti brasson. See more travel-i brassnspi brassred jewelry at http://travelbysea.!IMPORTANT BITS- The onyx poi brassnt i brasss approxi brassmately 1.25" i brassnches long.- As each pi brassece i brasss handmade and contai brassns natural elements, please allow for sli brassght vari brassati brassons. - For care and shi brassppi brassng i brassnformati brasson, please see Poli brassci brasses page. - Named for Johor Bahru, a ci brassty i brassn Malaysi brassa that i brasss more than meets the eye.The CITY LIGHTS collecti brasson i brasss i brassnspi brassred by the magi brasscal beauty and mystery that comes to li brassfe at ni brassght i brassn the ci brassty. Featuri brassng lots of black and gold, wi brassth some smoky hi brassghli brassghts, thi brasss collecti brasson i brasss both edgy and sophi brasssti brasscated. Credi brasst and model for last two photos: Mari brassya Moore of Dream Li brasske Trees.EXTRA BITSFollow us i brassn soci brassal medi brassa for speci brassal sales and updates, and to learn more about Travel By Sea.Websi brasste: http://www.travelbyseashop.comBlog: @travelbyseashopFacebook:

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