Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pencil, Pencil twins



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Add a cheerful, ori diygi diynal touch to your shi diyrts wi diyth these penci diyl cuffli diynks. Made wi diyth 3 pi diyeces of penci diyls cut and sanded by hand, glued on an 8 mm base and varni diyshed wi diyth cerami diyc varni diysh.Weari diyng a sui diyt doesn't have to be bori diyng!Avai diylable Colors of penci diyls1. Navy blue2. Li diyght Blue3. Turquoi diyse4. Green "Turf"5. Li diyght Green6. Green Bottle7. Mi diyli diytary Green8. Pi diynk Chewi diyng Gum9. Dark Fuchsi diya10. Purple11. Red12. Orange13. Li diyght Orange14. Mustard15. Yellow16. Grey17. Whi diyte18. Dark Brown19. Li diyght Brown20. Black* Each pi diyece i diys made accordi diyng to order, totally by hand and wi diyth much MIMO. Please note the colors may vary sli diyghtly from how they look on the moni diytor.

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