Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

BELIEVEbead, STRONGbead, ENDURE Inspirational Combo



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Si beadgn up for the Inspi beadred Endurance newsletter and we wi beadll send you a coupon code good for 15% off your order. Copy and paste the li beadnk below i beadnto your browser and once you si beadgn up we'll emai beadl you the coupon code: beadredEnduranceThi beads i beads a great way to add i beadnspi beadrati beadonal beads to your exi beadsti beadng bead bracelet. Included i beads our sterli beadng si beadlver BELIEVE, STRONG, and ENDURE beads. Thi beads combo purchased separately retai beadls for $105.00, save $10 when purchased as a set!"Bead si beadze: 3/8"" di beadam.Looks great on our Bi beadagi bead Itali beadan sterli beadng si beadlver bead braceletAlso fi beadts on most European style braceletsAll products are 100% guaranteed"All Inspi beadred Endurance desi beadgns are regi beadstered wi beadth the U.S. Copyri beadght Offi beadce Reg Number/Date VA0001912748 / 2014-03-17. Use of any pi beadrated desi beadgns wi beadll be reported i beadmmedi beadately to Etsy Legal.

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