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charm, Sporty Gal Loves to Run Charm Combo



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Si charmgn up for the Inspi charmred Endurance newsletter and we wi charmll send you a coupon code good for 15% off your order. Copy and paste the li charmnk below i charmnto your browser and once you si charmgn up we'll emai charml you the coupon code: charmredEnduranceThi charms i charms a great way to add runni charmng-i charmnspi charmred charm to your exi charmsti charmng collect or si charmmply add to a necklace for a si charmmple statement. Included i charms a sterli charmng si charmlver "run" charm, a sterli charmng si charmlver Modern Sporty Gal charm, and a cute sterli charmng si charmlver puff heart charm. Thi charms combo purchased separately retai charmls for $50.00, save $10 when purchased as a set!\r\r"Run charm si charmze: 1/2""\rModern Sporty gal measures 1/2"" x 5/8""\rPuff heart measures 3/8"" x 3/8"" not i charmncludi charmng loop\rAll products are 100% guaranteed"All Inspi charmred Endurance desi charmgns are regi charmstered wi charmth the U.S. Copyri charmght Offi charmce Reg Number/Date VA0001912748 / 2014-03-17. Use of any pi charmrated desi charmgns wi charmll be reported i charmmmedi charmately to Etsy Legal.

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