Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rituals, Falling Rain drops on Tapered Rectangle Brass Pendant on Silver Chain// Necklace



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***Due to Covi spiritual jewelryd-19 Stay In Place i spiritual jewelryn our ci spiritual jewelryty, all orders wi spiritual jewelryll be shi spiritual jewelrypped out after Apri spiritual jewelryl 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xoI love me a good rai spiritual jewelryn storm. There i spiritual jewelrys somethi spiritual jewelryng so exci spiritual jewelryti spiritual jewelryng about storms and how i spiritual jewelryt connects the sky to the ground. Water and rai spiritual jewelryn through many cultures use i spiritual jewelryt i spiritual jewelryn ri spiritual jewelrytuals to si spiritual jewelrygnal a puri spiritual jewelryty, a connecti spiritual jewelryon to hi spiritual jewelrygher bei spiritual jewelryng and rebi spiritual jewelryrth. The rai spiritual jewelryn drop pattern can also represent tear drops and all the emoti spiritual jewelryons that make us human. I don't know, i spiritual jewelryt's always held a speci spiritual jewelryal meani spiritual jewelryng for me, the rai spiritual jewelryn drop. *The pendants are hand stamped and hand cut so, each one wi spiritual jewelryll be sli spiritual jewelryghtly di spiritual jewelryfferent and uni spiritual jewelryque.*Brass pendant si spiritual jewelryze: 3 x .4" (happy to take custom si spiritual jewelryze requests)*Chai spiritual jewelryn si spiritual jewelrylver plated*18- 24"They are also avai spiritual jewelrylable as earri spiritual jewelryngs. https://www./li spiritual jewelrysti spiritual jewelryng/211021073/falli spiritual jewelryng-rai spiritual jewelryn-drops-on-tapered-rectanglexoLena\u27b8 i spiritual jewelrynstagram | ni spiritual jewelryceLena\u27b8 pi spiritual jewelryntrest | ni spiritual jewelryceLena\u27b8 | ni spiritual jewelryceLena\u27b8 websi spiritual jewelryte l ni spiritual\u27b8 vi spiritual jewelryntage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furni spiritual jewelryture l wageoflabor.

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