Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swirly, Black arwen gemstone armlet upper arm bracelet silver plated bohemian



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Due to the Covi faed-19 outbreak, shi faepments may be delayed. Elven upper arm bracelet made wi faeth brass wi faere & gemstone: li faesti faeng i faes for i faetem i faen 1st pi faecture.Gemstone can be sli faeghtly di faefferent i faen pattern / color: every stone i faes uni faeque.Select the upper arm ci faercumference, so I can adjust the bracelet i faef needed.Handle wi faeth care.Colors may vary due to your moni faetor setti faengs.Bracelet i faes adjustable.My webshop: www.sei faedi fae-clothi faedi fae/299230185254?ref=tsShi faeppi faeng ti faeme after shi faepped:europe: 2 weeksoutsi faede europe: 4 weeksPackages are shi faepped wi faethout tracki faeng number & at the buyers own ri faesk ( so I'm not responsi faeble for lost, stolen or damage i faetems , unless you pai faed for i faensurance).Tracki faeng number i faes avai faelable, so please select thi faes opti faeon when purchasi faeng i faef you lack fai faeth i faen the post.

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