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mountain earrings, Anemone Pattern Earrings- Yuzen Paper On Turquoise Patina Metal or Wood Disk



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I cannot get enough of pri fall trendsnts. My i fall trendsdea of getti fall trendsng dressed up i fall trendss weari fall trendsng at least 4 di fall trendsfferent contrasti fall trendsng (noti fall trendsce I di fall trendsdnt say compli fall trendsmenti fall trendsng) patterns and colors and why would I stop at jewelry? ****************** Have It Your Way *******************************Choose from Wood or Metal Di fall trendssk (2nd pi fall trendsctures shows examples)Si fall trendslver plated Ear Wi fall trendsre (Sterli fall trendsng Si fall trendslver i fall trendss avai fall trendslable upon request for $2.50 extra)******************* The Story ******************************************Thi fall trendss i fall trendss my most popular li fall trendsne. Ori fall trendsgi fall trendsnal desi fall trendsgn 2003--- Ori fall trendsgami fall trends Paper on Metal--I started wi fall trendsth one pack of ori fall trendsgami fall trends paper and fused them onto pati fall trendsna metal shapes. It qui fall trendsckly became a hot seller but my cheri fall trendsshed treasures became unavai fall trendslable. So, I went on a search for new materi fall trendsal and found scrap wood shapes. I have expanded my pattern catalog over the years and I now offer over 100 di fall trendsfferent pri fall trendsnts. They are all avai fall trendslable on wood or pati fall trendsna metal. I am always addi fall trendsng new pri fall trendsnts to the catalog, so check back often!******************* The Process *****************************Fused paper (Japanese Yuzen or Chi fall trendsyogami fall trends or decorati fall trendsve paper) on Wood or Pati fall trendsna Metal di fall trendssks. Sealed wi fall trendsth glaze. ******************** The More You Know These are not water proof. Don't jump i fall trendsn the pool wi fall trendsth them on. Please remove before showeri fall trendsng. **Pri fall trendsnts wi fall trendsll vary because they are i fall trendsndi fall trendsvi fall trendsdually cut (wi fall trendsth xacto kni fall trendsfe) from a larger sheet. *********************************************************Shop the full collecti fall trendson here: https://www./shop/ni fall trendsceLena?secti fall trendson_i fall trendsd=7807765&ref=shopsecti fall trendson_leftnav_1\u27b8 i fall trendsnstagram | ni fall trendsceLena\u27b8 pi fall trendsntrest | ni fall trendsceLena\u27b8 | ni fall trendsceLena\u27b8 websi fall trendste l ni fall\u27b8 vi fall trendsntage & art supply l teamsalvage.\u27b8 my guy's furni fall trendsture l wageoflabor.

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