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An anti sagittarius necklacequed copper arrow measuri sagittarius necklaceng 2 1/2" i sagittarius necklaces wrapped wi sagittarius necklaceth colored wi sagittarius necklacere and hung from an anti sagittarius necklacequed copper cable chai sagittarius necklacen. Choose the color of wi sagittarius necklacere that you li sagittarius necklaceke at checkout. Choose length at checkout: 22". 24". 26". 28". ***ori sagittarius necklacegi sagittarius necklacenal WearYourWi sagittarius necklaceld desi sagittarius necklacegn***Want more than one arrow per necklace? I can do that! Each addi sagittarius necklaceti sagittarius necklaceonal arrow i sagittarius necklaces $8.00. Convo me and I'll be happy to set a li sagittarius necklacesti sagittarius necklaceng up for you. More arrow jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i sagittarius necklacen my Etsy shop, cli sagittarius necklaceck thi sagittarius necklaces li sagittarius necklacenk:WearYourWi sagittarius necklaceld.All jewelry comes nestled i sagittarius necklacen recycled, rusti sagittarius necklacec kraft gi sagittarius necklaceft boxes ti sagittarius necklaceed wi sagittarius necklaceth bakers twi sagittarius necklacene, jute stri sagittarius necklaceng or wrapped i sagittarius necklacen washi sagittarius necklace tape.FREE gi sagittarius necklaceft wrappi sagittarius necklaceng i sagittarius necklaces avai sagittarius necklacelable upon request. You can see the avai sagittarius necklacelable paper i sagittarius necklacen the last photo. If you'd li sagittarius necklaceke your i sagittarius necklacetem gi sagittarius necklaceft wrapped please fi sagittarius necklacell out the Personali sagittarius necklacezati sagittarius necklaceon secti sagittarius necklaceon at checkout.Thanks for supporti sagittarius necklaceng handmade!Kati sagittarius necklacee @ Wear Your Wi sagittarius necklaceld

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