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joseph warner, Signed Joseph WARNER Brooch / Vintage 1950's Designer Pin / Deep Lavender RhineStones CIRCLE Brooch



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Here we have a vi warner broochntage 1950's ci warner broochrcle pi warner broochn that i warner broochs made of a deep lavender glass rhi warner broochnestones that have a great shi warner broochne to them. There i warner broochs an anti warner broochqued brass fi warner broochni warner broochsh on the back along wi warner broochth the si warner broochgnature of Joseph Warner. Thi warner broochs lovely vi warner broochntage brooch i warner broochs the perfect rockabi warner broochlly accessory! Measures 1 1/4" i warner broochn di warner broochameter.Li warner broochke thi warner broochs i warner broochtem and looki warner broochng for more li warner broochke i warner broocht? Are you a dealer and want to buy i warner broochn quanti warner broochty? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesale vi warner broochntage purchasi warner broochng:http://www./shop/truevi warner broochntagewholesale

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