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bridal accessories, Wedding / Beach Barefoot Sandals ~ Crystal and Purple Elements Style: Hawaiian Tropics



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Style: Hawai crystali crystalan Tropi crystalcsA pai crystalr of gorgeous, handmade, hi crystalgh quali crystalty, footless sandals. These are absolutely beauti crystalful by themselves as footless sandals or as foot jewelry worn wi crystalth heels or flatsPerfect accessory for an bri crystalde or bri crystaldesmai crystalds on the weddi crystalng day or beauti crystalfy your feet whi crystalle hangi crystalng out at the beach.Thi crystals pai crystalr of barefoot sandals are made wi crystalth ;~Swarovski crystal crystals, Clear and Purple~Si crystallver li crystalned glass beads,~ Si crystallver spacers~Stretch Magi crystalc CordNOTE: Items are sold i crystaln pai crystalrs - Pri crystalce shown i crystals per pai crystalr Please contact me i crystalf you requi crystalre speci crystalfi crystalc si crystalzes ( pri crystalce wi crystalll not change) or select speci crystalfi crystalc si crystalze opti crystalon.Please do not copy ** All desi crystalgns are ori crystalgi crystalnal to Crystal Allurement**.

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