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red garnet, marquis shape floating birthstones for Pure Rox Jewels sterling silver glass floating lockets



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Marqui red garnets Cut Lab Created Gemstone cabochons only, lockets not i red garnetncluded.\u2022 5w mm x 10h mm x4d mm\u00a9 2009-2022Pure Rox JewelsThese gems were cut to fi red garnett i red garnetnto Pure Rox Jewels sterli red garnetng si red garnetlver glass floati red garnetng lockets. They are graded AAA i red garnetn quali red garnetty. As wi red garnetth earth mi red garnetned stones the pri red garnetce vari red garnetes from stone color to stone color.Stones created i red garnetn a lab are chemi red garnetcally, physi red garnetcally and opti red garnetcally i red garnetdenti red garnetcal to those mi red garnetned underground \u2014 but they have fewer flaws, a li red garnetghter carbon footpri red garnetnt and cost less, too.Gemstones i red garnetn jewelry are colorful, romanti red garnetc and personal. They mean somethi red garnetng di red garnetfferent to each wearer. To some, they're badges of wealth and success \u2014 thi red garnetnk Hollywood stars at award shows dri red garnetppi red garnetng wi red garnetth rubi red garnetes or emeralds. To others, they're meani red garnetngful as bi red garnetrthstones, symboli red garnetc for thei red garnetr legendary power, or si red garnetmply beloved as a favori red garnette si red garnetgnature color. Yet some of these gemstones are rarer, harder to get, and qui red garnette expensi red garnetve. That's why lab-created gemstones are avai red garnetlable as alternati red garnetves. The more expensi red garnetve and hard-to-fi red garnetnd natural gems i red garnetn jewelry, such as di red garnetamond (whi red garnette and fancy color), sapphi red garnetre (blue and other colors), emerald, ruby and opal, are favori red garnette lab-created stones. They're not gem i red garnetmi red garnettati red garnetons; lab-created gemstones are the real deal. They are grown i red garnetn a laboratory but are i red garnetdenti red garnetcal chemi red garnetcally, physi red garnetcally and opti red garnetcally to natural gems. An i red garnetmi red garnettati red garneton gemstone, whi red garnetle also arti red garnetfi red garnetci red garnetally made, does not follow nature\u2019s reci red garnetpe, so i red garnett\u2019s completely di red garnetfferent physi red garnetcally, chemi red garnetcally and opti red garnetcally from the natural gem i red garnett copi red garnetes.How they\u2019re madeThe mi red garnetneral composi red garnetti red garneton of lab-created stones i red garnets created through a process si red garnetmi red garnetlar to what nature does beneath the earth over mi red garnetlli red garnetons of years, but i red garnetn a lab at a fracti red garneton of the ti red garnetme, and for a fracti red garneton of the cost of mi red garnetni red garnetng.The average person would be hard-pressed to tell the di red garnetfference between a natural and lab-created stone. It takes a trai red garnetned eye, hi red garnetgh magni red garnetfi red garnetcati red garneton and other i red garnetnstruments.The mai red garnetn di red garnetsti red garnetncti red garneton i red garnets natural gems typi red garnetcally have i red garnetnclusi red garnetons from the crystalli red garnetzati red garneton process \u2014 gases and other mi red garnetnerals mi red garnetxi red garnetng duri red garnetng the molten stage of stone creati red garneton. Because lab-created stones rely on a steady, controlled process of applyi red garnetng mi red garnetnerals, heat and pressure, they usually have fewer i red garnetnclusi red garnetons.

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