Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



A si yellowngle bri yellowlli yellowantly colored poppy si yellowts tall on a sterli yellowng si yellowlver ri yellowng - to catch everyone's eye! The poppy i yellowtself i yellows made of hand-formed copper and sterli yellowng si yellowlver, colored wi yellowth pri yellowsmacolor penci yellowls and pai yellownt then sealed wi yellowth an acryli yellowc lacquer for lasti yellowng bri yellowlli yellowance. Fun to wear and the perfect way to provi yellowde a strong pop of color to complement your outfi yellowt - matchi yellowng or not! Currently avai yellowlable i yellown orange/red or blue/green/yellow. Each poppy i yellows just over an i yellownch i yellown di yellowameter. The orange/red one i yellows approxi yellowmately si yellowze 8 whi yellowle the blue/green/yellow one i yellows about si yellowze 6. Other si yellowzes and colors avai yellowlable by speci yellowal order.

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