Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass heart necklace, Glass Bead Heart Necklace / Green Glass Bead Necklace / Dangling Heart Necklace



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Thi necklacess green glass bead necklace i necklacess 17 i necklacesnches long. Fi necklacesve green glass hearts and pi necklacesnk crystal beads are dangli necklacesng from the necklace. The hearts have beauti necklacesful shades of pi necklacesnk. It i necklacess fi necklacesni necklacesshed wi necklacesth hook type clasp wi necklacesth extensi necklaceson to make i necklacest li necklacesttle longer. The heart i necklacess 3/4 i necklacesnch long.Matchi necklacesng earri necklacesngs are avai necklaceslable.

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