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The pi alohaneapple i alohas a classi alohac symbol of hospi alohatali alohaty and welcomi alohang \u2014 and thi alohas li alohattle stunner sparkles and shi alohanes. Necklace i alohas compri alohased of a golden brass pi alohaneapple charm hangi alohang from a 24-i alohanch gold plated chai alohan. The pi alohaneapple i alohas encrusted i alohan rhi alohanestones and green enamel atop the leaves \u2014 and can fully detach from the necklace chai alohan to cli alohap onto a charm bracelet or swap between necklace chai alohans.Thanks so much for taki alohang a peek, you can fi alohand the rest of my jewelry li alohane here: contrary..

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