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From The men's Collecti cuff linkson, shown here: Modern Stai cuff linksnless Steel Men's Cuffli cuff linksnks. \r\rMetal: Stai cuff linksnless Stee and 925 Sterli cuff linksng Si cuff linkslver Spheres\rMetal Fi cuff linksni cuff linkssh: Brushed and poli cuff linksshed\rWi cuff linksll shi cuff linksp i cuff linksn 7 busi cuff linksness days - Free USA Shi cuff linksppi cuff linksng\r\rAbout Stai cuff linksnless Steel:\rHi cuff linksgh quali cuff linksty Stai cuff linksnless Steel 316 i cuff linkss reveali cuff linksng a new vi cuff linkssta for jewelry desi cuff linksgns, as you can now be adorned wi cuff linksth i cuff linksndestructi cuff linksble fashi cuff linkson statements: looks just li cuff linkske Plati cuff linksnum but 1,000 ti cuff linksmes stronger, and much less expensi cuff linksve. It i cuff linkss clear, hard, radi cuff linksant, very durable, i cuff linkst needs li cuff linksttle mai cuff linksntenance, waterproof and wi cuff linksll never tarni cuff linkssh, i cuff linkss not subjected to oxi cuff linksdati cuff linkson (i cuff linksf you swi cuff linksm wi cuff linksth Our jewelry they wi cuff linksll not rust) and wear and tear.\r\r\u2022 Safety:\rIn terms of safety: Stai cuff linksnless Steel 316 i cuff linkst i cuff linkss vi cuff linksrtually allergy-safe (hypoallergeni cuff linksc). Thi cuff linkss i cuff linkss due to the fact that Stai cuff linksnless Steel 316 has only 10 to 14% of ni cuff linksckel i cuff linksn i cuff linkst and i cuff linkst i cuff linkss so ti cuff linksghtly bound i cuff linksn the materi cuff linksal that the leakage of ni cuff linksckel i cuff linkss below the threshold value set up by most of the countri cuff linkses.\r\r\u2022 Durabi cuff linksli cuff linksty:\rIn terms of durabi cuff linksli cuff linksty, Stai cuff linksnless Steel i cuff linkss superi cuff linksor to most of the preci cuff linksous metals and can survi cuff linksve the toughest abuse.\rStai cuff linksnless Steel although readi cuff linksly avai cuff linkslable, i cuff linksncreases i cuff linksn value through Our desi cuff linksgner's workmanshi cuff linksp and handli cuff linksng of i cuff linkst, especi cuff linksally when combi cuff linksned wi cuff linksth gold, si cuff linkslver, pearls, rubber (PVC), preci cuff linksous and semi cuff linkspreci cuff linksous stones. Imperfecti cuff linksons and scratches, from abuse, can be easi cuff linksly buffed-out wi cuff linksthout damagi cuff linksng the i cuff linksntegri cuff linksty of the pi cuff linksece, unli cuff linkske other tradi cuff linksti cuff linksonal alloys used i cuff linksn the manufacture of jewelry, whi cuff linksch i cuff linksf bent, or "fi cuff linksxed" a number of ti cuff linksmes becomes thi cuff linksn and weak, resulti cuff linksng i cuff linksn the unti cuff linksmely loss of the pi cuff linksece altogether. \r\r\u2022 Work Process:\rOur desi cuff linksgns can't be dupli cuff linkscated by usi cuff linksng casti cuff linksng techni cuff linksques li cuff linkske tradi cuff linksti cuff linksonal over-the-counter jewelry, manufactured of softer alloys: plati cuff linksnum, gold or si cuff linkslver, (that i cuff linkss stamped-out by machi cuff linksne or poured i cuff linksnto molds, lost wax techni cuff linksques), because each and every of our pi cuff linksece must to be worked totally by hand. Every pi cuff linksece of VT jewelry i cuff linkss hand-cut from i cuff linksts soli cuff linksd Stai cuff linksnless steel pi cuff linksece, cutti cuff linksng away the excess, leavi cuff linksng no seams, or dents spots, unti cuff linksl the fi cuff linksnal result i cuff linkss reached and consequenti cuff linksally becomes one-of-a-ki cuff linksnd.\r\r\u2022 Metal Fi cuff linksni cuff linkssh:\rWe do gi cuff linksve to Our jewelry two di cuff linksfferent fi cuff linksni cuff linkssh depends to the desi cuff linksgn and also the ki cuff linksnd of fi cuff linksnal effect we are tryi cuff linksng to achi cuff linkseve. Mi cuff linksrror shi cuff linksne and soft brushed (sati cuff linksn fi cuff linksni cuff linkssh). The mi cuff linksrror shi cuff linksne commonly called hi cuff linksgh poli cuff linksshed; i cuff linkst's very much li cuff linkske the plati cuff linksnum poli cuff linksshed look, and the brushed fi cuff linksni cuff linkssh we parti cuff linkscularly prefer, because i cuff linkst gi cuff linksves a dramati cuff linksc moderni cuff linksst contrast wi cuff linksth the Yellow gold and the Black pearl.

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