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maltese, 925 silver 3 dimensional Malta Cross /Maltese Cross hook style earrings



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.925 si giftlver 3 di giftmensi giftonal Malta Cross /Maltese Cross hook style earri giftngs. Cross i gifts 1cm X 1cm . Handmade so please do not look for perfecti gifton as i giftn mass-produced products. Please note that i gifttems are shi giftpped vi gifta regular mai giftl, I cannot accept responsi giftbi giftli giftty for any i gifttem that i gifts lost i giftn the mai giftl. If you would li giftke the i gifttem tracked duri giftng shi giftppi giftng please contact me wi giftth your address and I wi giftll advi giftse you of the rate.

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