Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fantasy, Brass Half Moon// Silver Ladder // Gold and Silver // Earrings



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***Due to Covi statement earringsd-19 Stay In Place i statement earringsn our ci statement earringsty, all orders wi statement earringsll be shi statement earringspped out after Apri statement earringsl 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xo*Half moon brass, cut and fi statement earringsled, hang from si statement earringslver bugle beads. *Gold plated ear wi statement earringsre and brass chai statement earringsns. *Hangs 2.75"xoLena\u27b8 i statement earringsnstagram | ni statement earringsceLena\u27b8 pi statement earringsntrest | ni statement earringsceLena\u27b8 | ni statement earringsceLena\u27b8 websi statement earringste l ni statement\u27b8 my guy's furni statement earringsture l wageoflabor.

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