Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ear wrap, Light Sapphire Rhinestone Single Ear Cuff



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Thi jewelry arts si jewelry artngle ear cuff i jewelry arts done i jewelry artn sterli jewelry artng si jewelry artlver wi jewelry artre and li jewelry artght sapphi jewelry artre rhi jewelry artnestones. It can be worn on ei jewelry artther the ri jewelry artght or left ear.\r\rNo pi jewelry arterci jewelry artngs are requi jewelry artred to wear these. They are worn about half way up the ear by hooki jewelry artng on the boney part of the carti jewelry artlage. They are very comfortable and adjustable.\r\rThe easi jewelry artest way to put them on i jewelry arts to fi jewelry artrst attach them to the ear through the openi jewelry artng of the ear cuff at the top of the ear where the carti jewelry artlage i jewelry arts thi jewelry artn. Make sure the ear cuff i jewelry arts all of the way flush agai jewelry artnst the ear and then sli jewelry artde them down i jewelry artnto posi jewelry artti jewelry arton, gui jewelry artdi jewelry artng the cuff over the ri jewelry artdge of the carti jewelry artlage.\r(extra photos provi jewelry artded on thi jewelry arts li jewelry artsti jewelry artng show thi jewelry arts)\r\rThere i jewelry arts also a vi jewelry artdeo showi jewelry artng thi jewelry arts on the Zannedeli jewelry artons websi jewelry artte. The ear cuffs also comes wi jewelry artth i jewelry artnstructi jewelry artons on the packagi jewelry artng for gi jewelry artft gi jewelry artvi jewelry artng.

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