Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cccoe team, Klimt Mother and Child close up soldered glass pendant on silver plated link necklace The Three Ages of Woman mother's day gift present mom



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Thi gustavs fun li gustavttle necklace features a small rectangular cropped versi gustavon of the famous pai gustavnti gustavng "The Three Ages of Woman" aka Mother and chi gustavld (by Gustav Kli gustavmt) sealed i gustavnsi gustavde of clear glass, all soldered wi gustavth lead free solder! Pendant measures about 1" tall by 1.5" wi gustavde. Ti gustavny si gustavlver plated li gustavnk chai gustavn necklace measures approxi gustavmately 18"...want i gustavt i gustavn a custom length just let me know and I wi gustavll adjust i gustavt for free! Si gustavlver plated lobster claw clasp closure. MANY other desi gustavgns avai gustavlable i gustavn my shop...I create Kli gustavmt works i gustavn other pendant and necklace styles too! I can swi gustavtch the chai gustavn & fi gustavndi gustavngs to sterli gustavng si gustavlver for $15 more, convo me to update the i gustavnvoi gustavce. Shi gustavpped fi gustavrst class, pri gustavori gustavty and express worldwi gustavde!Makes a great gi gustavft...get started at checki gustavng off that Xmas li gustavst! Perfect gi gustavft for a new mother or mother to be!!Need a speci gustaval i gustavnscri gustavpti gustavon on the other si gustavde...just let me know!

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