Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cat necklace, Red Orange Resin Cat Woman Pendant Pagan element EARTH nude cat gothic necklace



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I desi pagan necklacegned thi pagan necklaces seri pagan necklacees of cat women pendants to express the di pagan necklacefferent natural elements of Earth, Water, Ai pagan necklacer and Fi pagan necklacere.The red orange Earth cat i pagan necklaces ferti pagan necklacele, nurturi pagan necklaceng and stable. She i pagan necklaces very femi pagan necklaceni pagan necklacene and passi pagan necklaceonate.I sculpted the pendants i pagan necklacen chevant clay and then made si pagan necklaceli pagan necklacecone molds from thi pagan necklaces ori pagan necklacegi pagan necklacenal. The pi pagan necklaceeces are then cast i pagan necklacen resi pagan necklacen, pai pagan necklacented wi pagan necklaceth spray enamel and acryli pagan necklacec pai pagan necklacent. The pendants are fi pagan necklaceni pagan necklaceshed off wi pagan necklaceth clearcoat to protect the pai pagan necklacent job. Black felt fi pagan necklaceni pagan necklaceshes off the back of the pendant.The 1.5 i pagan necklacench or 2.54 cm pendant i pagan necklaces strung on black suede cord 18 i pagan necklacenches or 45.72 cm i pagan necklacen length. The brown wooden bead i pagan necklaces strung on the cord so you can adjust the length of the cord when weari pagan necklaceng the pendant.If you have any questi pagan necklaceons or would li pagan necklaceke a pendant i pagan necklacen a custom color, please feel free to contact us.We shi pagan necklacep i pagan necklacenternati pagan necklaceonally. Our shi pagan necklaceppi pagan necklaceng fees i pagan necklacenclude packagi pagan necklaceng as well as postage. Any postage cost overage on our part that i pagan necklaces over 1.00 wi pagan necklacell be refunded.

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