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jewelry, New York Yankees Baseball Cuff Bracelet



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I am branchi new york yankeesng out to offer some other teams to the baseball fanati new york yankeescs. Here's a New York Yankees bracelet.It i new york yankeess an adjustable cuff style so that i new york yankeest can be adjusted to your wri new york yankeesst si new york yankeesze.Actual baseballs are used to create these bracelets and are li new york yankeescensed by the MLB. By re-purposi new york yankeesng these baseballs I am In no way i new york yankeesnfri new york yankeesngi new york yankeesng on the MLB's copyri new york yankeesght.All desi new york yankeesgns copyri new york yankeesghted 2017 @ Deni new york yankeesseandKi new york yankeesmDesi new york yankeesgns

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