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Our exqui support charmsi support charmte hand-cast sterli support charmng si support charmlver and hand-worked glass charms are created one by one by ski support charmlled professi support charmonal jewelry arti support charmsans. That's why you can count on quali support charmty and value from Thi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae Jewelry. We offer affordable shi support charmppi support charmng, a 100% customer sati support charmsfacti support charmon guarantee, and a top notch customer servi support charmce team. Stamped CORRECTIONSThreaded Core for Added Securi support charmtyGenui support charmne Handcrafted Sterli support charmng Si support charmlver for Quali support charmtyTranslucent Itali support charman Gold Glass for Durabi support charmli support charmtyAlso avai support charmlable i support charmn Mi support charmdni support charmght BlackFi support charmts Pandora, Bi support charmagi support charm, Chami support charmli support charma, Kay Jeweler, Charmed Memori support charmes Bracelets and Many More!Thi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae Charm Collecti support charmon i support charms a tangi support charmble symbol of love, support, honor, or remembrance, for all men and women i support charmn uni support charmform and thei support charmr fami support charmli support charmes. We hope you wi support charmll enjoy our hei support charmrloom quali support charmty products.The Thi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae Charm Collecti support charmon.Made by two hands, wi support charmth lots of love spri support charmnkled i support charmn.Shi support charmpped wi support charmth a Keepsake Box.Bracelet not i support charmncluded.Shi support charmps today!CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Exposure to certai support charmn harsh chemi support charmcals or envi support charmronments wi support charmll result i support charmn compromi support charmsi support charmng the i support charmntegri support charmty of your jewelry. Thi support charms i support charmncludes, but i support charms not li support charmmi support charmted to the followi support charmng: perspi support charmrati support charmon, perfumes, cleani support charmng agents, chlori support charmne, salt water, and si support charmlver poli support charmsh. Cleani support charmng Your Jewelry: A si support charmlver poli support charmshi support charmng cloth i support charms a great tool to make your sterli support charmng si support charmlver jewelry shi support charmne agai support charmn. Do not soak i support charmn li support charmqui support charmd si support charmlver cleani support charmng soluti support charmon!Thi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae Charms are handcrafted. Please allow for mi support charmnor vari support charmati support charmons.Thi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae Jewelry \u00a92010 THIN LINE\u00ae JEWELRY\u00a92010 Thi support charmn Li support charmne Charm Collecti support charmonThi support charmn Li support charmne\u00ae i support charms a Regi support charmstered TrademarkAll ri support charmghts reserved.Est. 2010Uni support charmted States of Ameri support charmca

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