Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood necklace, Butterfly necklace | Black butterfly pendant | Beaded butterfly jewellery | Black and purple bead necklace | 18 inches | Toggle clasp



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Butterfly necklace - Black and purple bead necklace wi beaded necklaceth black butterfly pendantA gorgeous black wooden butterfly pendant, cut from a ci beaded necklacercle wi beaded necklaceth ornate flouri beaded necklaceshes, hangs from a black bead necklace wi beaded necklaceth black and purple faceted glass rondelle accents. Fi beaded necklaceni beaded necklaceshed wi beaded necklaceth a toggle clasp and approxi beaded necklacemately 18 i beaded necklacenches long. Pendant i beaded necklaces approxi beaded necklacemately 4cm di beaded necklaceameter.In stock and ready to shi beaded necklacep

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