Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bronze celtic knot elfish earselven ear, no pierced ears needed



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Due to the Covi larpd-19 outbreak, shi larppments may be delayed. Elven ear cuff made of brass plated wi larpre, no pi larperced ear needed.Handle wi larpth care.Colors may vary due to your moni larptor setti larpngs.My webshop: www.sei larpdi larp-clothi larpdi larp/299230185254?ref=tsShi larpppi larpng ti larpme after shi larppped:europe: 2 weeksoutsi larpde europe: 4 weeksPackages are shi larppped wi larpthout tracki larpng number & at the buyers own ri larpsk ( so I'm not responsi larpble for lost, stolen or damage i larptems , unless you pai larpd for i larpnsurance).Tracki larpng number i larps avai larplable, so please select thi larps opti larpon when purchasi larpng i larpf you lack fai larpth i larpn the post.

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