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A si nature jewelrymple pai nature jewelryr of Cai nature jewelryrn earri nature jewelryngs compri nature jewelrysed of a stack of 6 di nature jewelryfferent di nature jewelryscs hangi nature jewelryng from sterli nature jewelryng si nature jewelrylver French earwi nature jewelryres. From top to bottom of stack: opal, red li nature jewelryp shell, cri nature jewelrynoi nature jewelryd stem, rosewood, authenti nature jewelryc whi nature jewelryte sea glass, beach stone. Overall length: 1 3/8". Thi nature jewelrys i nature jewelrys my stock photo for thi nature jewelrys i nature jewelrytem but each pai nature jewelryr wi nature jewelryll be just as beauti nature jewelryful. I'm happy to send a photo of the earri nature jewelryngs that you wi nature jewelryll recei nature jewelryve. Please message me on Etsy BEFORE placi nature jewelryng your order.***ori nature jewelrygi nature jewelrynal WearYourWi nature jewelryld desi nature jewelrygn***More Cai nature jewelryrn jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i nature jewelryn my Etsy shop, cli nature jewelryck thi nature jewelrys li nature jewelrynk:WearYourWi nature jewelryld.IG: @wearyourwi nature jewelryldMany of my earri nature jewelryngs can be converted to Cli nature jewelryp Ons, free of charge. I have si nature jewelrylver plated, oxi nature jewelrydi nature jewelryzed si nature jewelrylver plated, gold plated, anti nature jewelryqued brass and bronze wi nature jewelryth a coppery fi nature jewelryni nature jewelrysh. Contact me on Etsy BEFORE maki nature jewelryng your purchase to see i nature jewelryf the earri nature jewelryngs i nature jewelryn questi nature jewelryon can be converted to cli nature jewelryps.All jewelry comes nestled i nature jewelryn recycled, rusti nature jewelryc kraft gi nature jewelryft boxes ti nature jewelryed wi nature jewelryth bakers twi nature jewelryne, jute stri nature jewelryng or wrapped i nature jewelryn washi nature jewelry tape.FREE gi nature jewelryft wrappi nature jewelryng i nature jewelrys avai nature jewelrylable upon request. You can see the avai nature jewelrylable paper i nature jewelryn the last photo. If you'd li nature jewelryke your i nature jewelrytem gi nature jewelryft wrapped please fi nature jewelryll out the Personali nature jewelryzati nature jewelryon secti nature jewelryon at checkout.Thanks for supporti nature jewelryng handmade!Kati nature jewelrye @ Wear Your Wi nature jewelryld

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