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clips, Old Fashioned Sweater Guard Clips



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Remember the 50's and the sweater guard cli sweater guardps that kept our sweaters securely over our shoulders? They're almost i sweater guardmpossi sweater guardble to fi sweater guardnd nowadays. Also useful to hold the fronts together of a jacket wi sweater guardth no buttons or fasteners. There are ten di sweater guardfferent ones for sale on thi sweater guards li sweater guardsti sweater guardng. The cli sweater guardps are stai sweater guardnless steel and the fi sweater guardndi sweater guardngs are si sweater guardlver plated. The di sweater guardfferent styles are li sweater guardsted i sweater guardn the order they appear i sweater guardn the pi sweater guardctures.Please convo me wi sweater guardth any questi sweater guardons.

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