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Beef Tacotaco earrings, Miniature Food Jewelrytaco earrings, Handmade Earrings



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*These cute deli taco earringsci taco earringsous Beef Taco earri taco earringsngs are Handmade out of polymer clay and coated wi taco earringsth a polyurethane glaze.*The earri taco earringsngs are secured wi taco earringsth an eye screw & attached to stai taco earringsnless steel earri taco earringsng fi taco earringsndi taco earringsng.* Si taco earringsze can be adjusted to your request. Just apply for a custom order or convo me.The si taco earringsze i taco earringss usually about 1.5 i taco earringsnch by 3/4 i taco earringsnch*All i taco earringstems are made to order so each pi taco earringsece wi taco earringsll look sli taco earringsghtly di taco earringsfferent... But always as perfect as the one you see i taco earringsn the pi taco earringsctures *After care: keep away from water, oi taco earringsl, sunli taco earringsght and fragrances. Thi taco earringss wi taco earringsll help to prolong the li taco earringsfe of your food jewelry.* Polymer clay i taco earringss deli taco earringscate and should be handled gently.* Polymer clay i taco earringss not edi taco earringsble and should be kept out of reach of small chi taco earringsldren.

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