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BFF Hard Boiled Egg Necklaces. Miniature Food Jewelrykawaii charms, Kawaii



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*These cute BFF Hard Boi fake food jewelryled Egg Charms are handmade wi fake food jewelryth Polymer clay*The charms are secured wi fake food jewelryth an eye screw & a lobster clasp attached to stai fake food jewelrynless steel 18 i fake food jewelrynch chai fake food jewelryn.* Si fake food jewelryze can be adjusted to your request. Just apply for a custom order or convo me.The si fake food jewelryze i fake food jewelrys usually about 2i fake food jewelryn. x 3/4 i fake food jewelryn.*All i fake food jewelrytems are made to order so each pi fake food jewelryece wi fake food jewelryll look sli fake food jewelryghtly di fake food jewelryfferent... But always as perfect as the one you see i fake food jewelryn the pi fake food jewelryctures *After care: keep away from water, oi fake food jewelryl, sunli fake food jewelryght and fragrances. Thi fake food jewelrys wi fake food jewelryll help to prolong the li fake food jewelryfe of your food jewelry. * Polymer clay i fake food jewelrys deli fake food jewelrycate and should be handled gently.* Polymer clay i fake food jewelrys not edi fake food jewelryble and should be kept out of reach of small chi fake food jewelryldren.

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