Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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One sterli shawl buttonng si shawl buttonlver paw pri shawl buttonnt button, shawl button, bracelet clasp, purse clasp, phone case clasp, ani shawl buttonmal rescue gi shawl buttonft, under 20 USDButton i shawl buttons cast i shawl buttonn low-tarni shawl buttonsh sterli shawl buttonng si shawl buttonlver--approx, 15 mm (or 0.59 i shawl buttonnches) i shawl buttonn di shawl buttonameter.--poli shawl buttonshed front and back--stamped .925 and i shawl buttonni shawl buttonti shawl buttonaled--oxi shawl buttondi shawl buttonzed to show the desi shawl buttongn--loop accommodates a 3 mm suede laceUse on shi shawl buttonrts, shawls, sweaters, bracelets, purses, phone cases, etc.Shi shawl buttonpped i shawl buttonn a recycled craft paper box ready for gi shawl buttonft gi shawl buttonvi shawl buttonng (or recei shawl buttonvi shawl buttonng!) Shi shawl buttonpped vi shawl buttona Uni shawl buttonted States Postal Servi shawl buttonce. Standard shi shawl buttonppi shawl buttonng i shawl buttons vi shawl buttona Fi shawl buttonrst Class Mai shawl buttonl; upgraded shi shawl buttonppi shawl buttonng i shawl buttons vi shawl buttona Pri shawl buttonori shawl buttonty Mai shawl buttonl.

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