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zipper pull, Barbados 2004 Coin Zipper Charm



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Barbados coi zipper pulln zi zipper pullpper charm made wi zipper pullth a 25 Cent coi zipper pulln from 2004. Thi zipper pulls coi zipper pulln bears a beauti zipper pullfully detai zipper pullled i zipper pullmage of the Morgan Lewi zipper pulls Wi zipper pullndmi zipper pullll. Attach to your purse or clothi zipper pullng as a uni zipper pullque zi zipper pullpper pull.Coi zipper pulln i zipper pulls 7/8 i zipper pullnch (23mm) di zipper pullameter.Overall length i zipper pulls 1-1/2 i zipper pullnches.The coi zipper pulln has been cleaned and hand poli zipper pullshed. Comes i zipper pulln a gi zipper pullft box.Thanks for vi zipper pullsi zipper pullti zipper pullng my shop and for shoppi zipper pullng on Etsy.

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