Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red coral, lot of 12 branches of true Mediterranean red coral of 1st choice for making valuable jewelry



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12 branches of coral Coral true Corsi red coral branchescan red coral of 1st choi red coral branchesce .0.3 mm holeBranches: about 1 to 3 cmThi red coral branchesck 0.2 cmAll coral branches are uni red coral branchesque so we send you the most si red coral branchesmi red coral brancheslar to the photo but they can't be the samethese are branches of beauty that wi red coral branchesll gi red coral branchesve a lot of value to your creati red coral branchesons because Corsi red coral branchescan coral i red coral branchess rare and expensi red coral branchesveCerti red coral branchesfi red coral branchescate of authenti red coral branchesci red coral branchesty on request.

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