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snap charm, Personalized Photo Snap charm ginger snap it noosa interchangeable men women unisex gift gingersnap 12mm circle metal for bracelet & jewelry



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Thi ginger snaps i ginger snaps a li ginger snapsti ginger snapng for ONE custom si ginger snaplver mi ginger snapni ginger snap photo snap i ginger snapnterchangeable charm.3/8" mi ginger snapni ginger snap ci ginger snaprcle photo charmI wi ginger snapll make thi ginger snaps to order for you. Have favori ginger snapte pi ginger snapctures of a loved one, pet, fri ginger snapend, or sayi ginger snapng? It can go on thi ginger snaps charm! They are one si ginger snapded resi ginger snapn sealed 12mm snap charms, and fi ginger snapt your 12mm snap jewelry pi ginger snapeces...I also have the larger 18mm avai ginger snaplable i ginger snapn a di ginger snapfferent li ginger snapsti ginger snapng.You wi ginger snapll emai ginger snapl me photo of your choosi ginger snapng and I wi ginger snapll edi ginger snapt i ginger snapt for you! All i ginger snaps sealed permanently i ginger snapnsi ginger snapde, no cheap sti ginger snapckers or glue...thi ginger snaps i ginger snaps made to last! I can make your photo i ginger snapn color, or even change i ginger snapt to sepi ginger snapa or black & whi ginger snapte. I wi ginger snapll shri ginger snapnk i ginger snapt and crop i ginger snapt for you to fi ginger snapt the charm. Want i ginger snapt to have a speci ginger snapal text senti ginger snapment...I can do that too! I am pretty flexi ginger snapble wi ginger snapth the desi ginger let me know what you want and we wi ginger snapll work i ginger snapt out! Possi ginger snapbi ginger snapli ginger snapti ginger snapes are ENDLESS! Need a di ginger snapfferent quanti ginger snapty of charms? Just set the quanti ginger snapty here to the number you need. The actual jewelry pi ginger snapeces are avai ginger snaplable separately i ginger snapn my shop, as well as the larger si ginger snapze 18mm button snaps.The last photo shows what your charm may look li ginger snapke on your jewelry pi ginger snapeces, or avai ginger snaplable seperately i ginger snapn my shop. Thi ginger snaps li ginger snapsti ginger snapng i ginger snaps for just the one charm ordered. Once you place the order, you can attach your photos to an etsy message or emai ginger snapl to me at [email protected], and I wi ginger snapll edi ginger snapt i ginger snapt and send you back a proof to okay. A great gi ginger snapft for a mom, dad, grandmother, best fri ginger snapend, you name i ginger snapt! Make personali ginger snapzed bracelets for your whole gi ginger snapft li ginger snapst! Please see the FAQ secti ginger snapon for i ginger snapmmedi ginger snapate answers to the most frequent questi ginger snapons I recei ginger snapve.

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