Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Catholic chapelave maria, rosary striated glass beads and resin beads carved cross in vegetable ivory



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Thi ave marias rosary i ave marias enti ave mariarely made by hand, pearl after pearlsIt i ave marias composed of pretty 6 mm stri ave mariaped glass beads of brown, orange and whi ave mariate colorBetween the dozens a pretty pearl of fi ave marianely carved resi ave marian of 8 mmThe central bead i ave marias also made of whi ave mariate resi ave marian and i ave marias 10 mmIt i ave marias a rosary or a Roman Catholi ave mariacs composed of 55 pearlsIn detai ave marial 5 tens and fi ave mariave beads wi ave mariath crossSi ave mariaze of beads 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mmthe Ivory Cross V\u00e9g\u00e8tal or Ivori ave mariaan i ave marias an Egypti ave mariaan cross also called AnkhHei ave mariaght of the cross 3.5 cmCross wi ave mariadth 2.5 cmHei ave mariaght of the rosary 55 cmThi ave marias model i ave marias uni ave mariaque i ave mariats reali ave mariazati ave mariaon took 2 hours and 30Beware, the setti ave mariang and bri ave mariaghtness of your screen can change the colors of the photos. It i ave marias therefore possi ave mariable to have sli ave mariaght di ave mariafferences between the photo of your screen and the object.

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