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bachelorette party, Vintage Vegas Chips Earrings



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Earri enamelngs compri enamelsed of vi enamelntage copper and enamel round Vegas chi enamelp charms hang from gold plated hooks for sensi enamelti enamelve ears. What happens i enameln Vegas stay i enameln Vegas!Di enamelmensi enamelons: earri enamelngs hang just under an i enamelnch from hooks.Earri enamelngs are li enamelght wei enamelght, natural colors, make the perfect gi enamelft for many occasi enamelons li enamelke bi enamelrthdays, bachelorette parti enameles, poker ni enamelght, and more. SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need more than one? Contact me i enamelf you are i enamelnterested i enameln multi enamelples of thi enamels or any i enameltem li enamelsted i enameln the shop.* Thanks so much for taki enamelng a peek and please have a look around the rest of the shop: contrary..

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