Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minnow, Fisherman's Lure | Antiqued Brass Fish Necklace | Gift for Pisces



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Thi piscess li piscesttle anti piscesqued brass fi piscessh hangs on a curve from a deli piscescate 24" gold plated chai piscesn. Makes a sweet gi piscesft i piscesdea for the fi piscesshi piscesng enthusi piscesast or pescatari piscesan i piscesn your li piscesfe. Scroll through each of the necklace photos for addi piscesti piscesonal detai piscesls and scale.Thanks so much for taki piscesng a peek, you can fi piscesnd the rest of my jewelry collecti pisceson here: contrary..\u25baFi piscesnd me on Instagram for new pi pisceseces and speci piscesals, https://www.i Kni piscesfe i piscess a novelty i piscestem, not i piscesntended for chi piscesldren and not meant to be used as a weapon or cause any type of harm to another person or i piscesn general. Upon purchasi piscesng thi piscess necklace, you are agreei piscesng that you are 18 years or older and not to hold me, Mary Andrews, responsi piscesble for any damages caused wi piscesth necklace. Please check all local pi piscesckup postage laws i piscesf you are orderi piscesng i piscesnternati piscesonally to make sure a pocket kni piscesfe novelty necklace may be cleared through your customs authori piscesty!

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