Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

secretary, Tiger Eye Sterling Silver Collar Taxco Mexico Vintage 1970s Retro Necklace 14.5"



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Ti diskger Eye Sterli diskng Si disklver Collar Taxco Mexi diskco Vi diskntage 1970s Retro Necklace 14.5"Fresh from the personal vi diskntage jewelry collecti diskon of Mi diskss Dorothy herself!Surrender Dorothy's Shop Of Vi diskntage Awesomeness bri diskngs you thi disks fabulous 14.5" handcrafted vi diskntage necklace from Mexi diskco featuri diskng 21 faceted Ti diskgerEye stones i diskndi diskvi diskdually set i diskn Sterli diskng Si disklver. It fastens wi diskth a sli diskdi diskng box closure. Each pi diskece measures 3/4" tall x 3/4' wi diskde at the bottom and 1/2 wi diskde at the top.Please note that thi disks necklace i disks only 14 1/2" i disknches long, so i diskt could be a bi diskt snug for some of you ladi diskes. I've worn thi disks cool necklace many many ti diskmes and always recei diskved a shower of compli diskments, and i diskt really i disks an all-season pi diskece. It goes beauti diskfully wi diskth most everythi diskng i diskn your wardrobe from slouchy casual to bombshell elegant.Our shop offers a vast and never-endi diskng array of affordable and very cool anti diskque and vi diskntage fi disknds from Mai diskne; fashi diskon and home decor treasures that you won't fi disknd elsewhere. You can always expect to fi disknd the unexpected here.We're one of the most di diskverse vi diskntage shops around, so be sure to bookmark our shop and check back wi diskth us often so you don't mi diskss out on anythi diskng.Resi diskstance i disks futi diskle. Surrender Dorothy offers 24 hour a day vi diskntage shoppi diskng therapy for the hopelessly retro addi diskcted.====================================================Vi diskew our enti diskre collecti diskon of Groovy Retro Seventi diskes goodi diskes here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=1970s====================================================Take a peek i disknsi diskde Dorothy's Vi diskntage Jewelry Box by cli diskcki diskng here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/search?search_query=jewelry*********************************************************Please Vi diskew Our Shop Poli diskci diskes Here:http://www./shop/SurrenderDorothy/poli diskcy?ref=shopi disknfo_poli diskci diskes_leftnav

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