Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Vintage Sterling Black Enamel Art Deco Cufflinks - Vintage Silver Octagon Cuff Links - Art Deco Greek Key Cuff Links - EIF Co. Cufflinks



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Vi mens jewelryntage Sterli mens jewelryng Black Enamel Art Deco Cuffli mens jewelrynks - Vi mens jewelryntage Si mens jewelrylver Octagon Cuff Li mens jewelrynks - Art Deco Greek Key Cuff Li mens jewelrynks - EIF Co. Cuffli mens jewelrynks i mens jewelryn hammered Sterli mens jewelryng Si mens jewelrylver wi mens jewelryth wonderful Black Enamel Greek Key desi mens jewelrygn. Each octagon secti mens jewelryon measures 16mm x 12mm i mens jewelryn si mens jewelryze and full si mens jewelryze of each double cuff li mens jewelrynk i mens jewelrys 30mm. These are a fantasti mens jewelryc example of true Art Deco style from the 1920's and would be a wonderful addi mens jewelryti mens jewelryon to any formal atti mens jewelryre or weddi mens jewelryng atti mens jewelryre. Hallmarked,tested and si mens jewelrygned E.I.F. Co. for EI Frankli mens jewelryn Co. Condi mens jewelryti mens jewelryon i mens jewelrys excellent.FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!****VISIT OUR NEW Etsy Shop Secti mens jewelryons For Handcrafted Hei mens jewelryrloom Quali mens jewelryty Anti mens jewelryque and Art Deco Collecti mens jewelryble Repli mens jewelryca & Reproducti mens jewelryons wi mens jewelryth Vi mens jewelryntage & New Gemstones!**Internati mens jewelryonal shi mens jewelryppi mens jewelryng i mens jewelrys NOT FREE unless speci mens jewelryfi mens jewelryed i mens jewelryn the li mens jewelrysti mens jewelryng!INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE MESSAGE ME COUNTRY AND CODE PRIOR TO CHECKOUT FOR THE SHIPPING COST TO BE ADDED TO THE LISTING!***I am not a jeweler but I have 15+ years experi mens jewelryence wi mens jewelryth Vi mens jewelryntage & Modern Fi mens jewelryne Jewelry. In order to make my i mens jewelrytems affordable where they can fi mens jewelrynd owners who wi mens jewelryll keep them as hei mens jewelryrlooms I am unable to have most i mens jewelrytems i mens jewelrynspected by a jeweler. I wi mens jewelryll state i mens jewelryf the i mens jewelrytem has been i mens jewelrynspected or apprai mens jewelrysed by a jeweler, previ mens jewelryous owner or myself i mens jewelryf I am posi mens jewelryti mens jewelryve that i mens jewelryt has. So please have all i mens jewelrytems you buy checked by your local jeweler to protect loose stones from bei mens jewelryng lost after years of wear and agi mens jewelrytati mens jewelryon due to shi mens jewelryppi mens jewelryng. I am not responsi mens jewelryble for stones lost after shi mens jewelryppi mens jewelryng. Please note Di mens jewelryamonds measured and/or graded whi mens jewelryle set are subject to mounti mens jewelryng li mens jewelrymi mens jewelrytati mens jewelryon, all wei mens jewelryghts/grades are approxi mens jewelrymate. Colored gemstones have not been tested for treatments unless otherwi mens jewelryse stated. All preci mens jewelryous metals and Di mens jewelryamonds are [email protected]@@@@Don't forget to browse my Etsy Store for more great li mens jewelrysti mens jewelryngs to see what i mens jewelrys avai mens jewelrylable now! #EtsyGi mens mens jewelrylleGalleryPlease be aware your country may charge addi mens jewelryti mens jewelryonal customs fees, duty and/or i mens jewelrymport taxes, and that those charges are the responsi mens jewelrybi mens jewelryli mens jewelryty of the buyer. Unfortunately, due to i mens jewelrymport duty valuati mens jewelryon adjustments and currency valuati mens jewelryons, I am unable to provi mens jewelryde an esti mens jewelrymate for duty or VAT. I'm not responsi mens jewelryble for delays i mens jewelryn deli mens jewelryvery due to customs. I cannot accept returns on i mens jewelrytems as a result of Customs or Duti mens jewelryes charged to you by your country of resi mens jewelrydence.

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