Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gothic, Free shipping: Black tiara circlet head piece with blue mermaid dragon scale.



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Due to the Covi circletd-19 outbreak, shi circletpments may be delayed. Ti circletara made of wi circletre & faux gemstone. Ti circletara i circlets deli circletvered wi circletth a faux suede cord to ti circlete i circlett together i circletn the back i circletf wanted. The black ti circletara's get easi circleter tangled i circletn the hai circletr than the si circletlver or brass ones because of the wi circletre.Handle wi circletth care.Colors may vary due to your moni circlettor setti circletngs.My webshop: www.sei circletdi circlet-clothi circletdi circletclothi circletngShi circletppi circletng ti circletme after shi circletpped:europe: 2 weeksoutsi circletde europe: 4 weeksPackages are shi circletpped wi circletthout tracki circletng number & at the buyers own ri circletsk ( so I'm not responsi circletble for lost, stolen or damage i circlettems , unless you pai circletd for i circletnsurance).Tracki circletng number i circlets avai circletlable, so please select thi circlets opti circleton when purchasi circletng i circletf you lack fai circletth i circletn the post.

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